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Goal #1

Introduce a clean user profile and easy-to-use mobile app and dark theme feature.

Goal #2

Create a simple flow for finding and applying for multiple jobs and review company ratings.

Goal #3

create a dashboard that allows applicants to track their resumes and receive feedback

Goal #4

Improve Job filters to decrease job search time and improve search results.


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After analyzing insights and creating the user personas, I needed to prioritize my ideas when approaching the issue.  I created a prioritization matrix with the following parameters: Value and Complexity.  Due to time constraints, I decided to only iterate on the features that added the most value to the app, as indicated by the teal post-its.

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Dark theme concept

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For Mobile prototype click HERE

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A new Job Dashboard with application tracker

 Gain Insights and track application performance


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Learn how your application ranks with a complete analysis in real time and see how your applications are performing across all companies. 

                                                      Easy Job Searching
With a new job, search app users have the opportunity to apply for recommended roles with one click of a button.  No more sitting behind a laptop; your next gig is right underneath your fingertips.

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This project taught me how to translate user needs and pain points in their job searching process into meaningful user flows in a mobile app and web format. I explored rapid prototyping to create realistic solutions that kept the user in mind throughout each iteration. The nuances of incorporating an engaging UI scheme and micro-interactions to my final deliverable gave a new perspective for evaluating the details to create a holistic user experience.

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I would improve tailoring the Job dashboard to add more features job prospects need. I received a few comments from users that they loved the new layout but would like to see additional features such as interview insights, employee reviews, and company demographics around race. Since the app is in its early phases of design, I would need to communicate with engineers to understand the practicality of implementing this function and arranging information based on what other companies’ statics are released to the public.


I would improve the UI of the app.  I have only implemented one color palette and typography style that encompassed the clean and straightforward feel that I wanted the app to portray. It would be very beneficial to create another UI that could be trendy and customizable, and streamlined to increase the app's accessibility and focus on each feature's content. From there, I would conduct another round of A/B testing sessions to gauge the user opinion on which UI scheme was superior.